Accounting the General Flow

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Accounting the General Flow

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This document represents a general operational process flow, logical steps to be taken and the associated General Ledger (G/L) impact.  The G/L may change based on settings in System Options or dealer choices.



1.Enter Vehicles  

2.Enter Vehicle Added Costs  

3.Vehicle is Floor Planned

4.Floor Plan Curtailment is Paid

5.Floor Plan is Closed

6.Enter Sales

7.Enter Added Costs to the Sold Vehicle

8.Generate Late Fees  

9.Post Payments on Outside Financing, BHPH, PU Notes

10.Post Payments for Repairs

11.Post Payments for Fees

12.Enter Bank Deposits  

13.Pay Bills  

14.Reconcile Bank Statement  

15.Run Financial Statements

16.Close the Month