Calculating Commissions for a Single Customer

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Calculating Commissions for a Single Customer

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The commission calculator for a single sale is located in three spots in the software.


1) For instructions on how to calculate commissions for a single sale from Sales >> 6 - Calculate Commissions, click here.

2)  The Costs tab in the Sales Processing screen then CommCalcButton .

3) Customer Activity >> B) Customer Processing >> A - Customer Information and Costs >> Costs then CommCalcButton .


First, select what portion of the deal the commission will be based on. Most dealers pay commission based on the profit, though you do have the option to use the "Sales Price" or the "Down Payment".



Once you've selected how you want to calculate the commission, choose from the check-boxes what items you would like to include in the calculation.


If the sales person will be receiving a base commission, you may enter that into the box.


Finally, set your commission percentage and then click "Save".