H-4 About Frazer

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H-4 About Frazer

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To change the address that currently prints on your forms, simply give Frazer a call at 888-963-5369. If your state provides a listing of businesses online (usually hosted by your Secretary of State), and we are able to verify the change we can change the address without any additional information.


However, if the change has not been reflected on the website, we will need to collect some basic information (typically a photo-copy of ID and a copy of any document showing you as the owner of the dealership), and then we can change the address and help you update it.


A customer service representative will update your address information and walk you through a name update.



Go to Help >> 4 - About Frazer to view the company information loaded into the system.




This screen also gives you access to our End User License Agreement, our privacy policy, as well as licensing information in regards to some 3rd party providers that Frazer uses within the software.


We also provide a link to our Capterra page where you can leave a message and a review and tell us how we're doing!