Electronic Payment Processing Basics

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Electronic Payment Processing Basics

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Electronic Payment Processing




 The Frazer system allows for the processing of electronic payments automatically as they are entered into the Frazer system.  In order to do this you must first establish an account with one of the payment processing partners integrated with Frazer.  

paymaxx_logo (Formerly Paymaxx Pro)           OpenEdge-WhiteFill-Border (Formerly PayPros)


Frazer can then communicate the payment information to these companies, who in turn transfer this information to the appropriate financial institutions.   Once you have set up an account with one of these companies you can then electronically processes:


Down payments

Installment payments

Recurring payment


Frazer provides links to both company's official websites. To access these navigate to Miscellaneous>>1 - System Options, and then click on the 7 - Integrations tab. You will see a purple "Electronic Payments" button in the top left.  Frazer will then present you with links to each company's respective websites (Clicking the respective button on the screenshot below will bring you to the website):




Each company has their own pricing and policies so it is best to see which one is going to be the best fit for you.  


You can also reach this screen by clicking on "Q-Credit Card or ACH Set up"  in the customer activity screen or by clicking on the "Customers" link and then "7 - Electronic Payments" and then clicking the "Setup or Learn More" button.  


Click here for instructions on setting up electronic payments.