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F & I Express

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F & I Express is a one-stop online shop for any and all of your third party products (i.e. GAP, Service Contracts, etc etc).
You can sign up with them and utilize this Frazer Integration to simultaneously sell additional products and add them
into your prospects easily and quickly.
Benefits to our dealers :

You can become a member of F&I Express free of charge just by being a Frazer Dealer!
Utilizing F&I Express speeds up deal entry, and will give you access to over 100 difference F & I product providers.

How would a dealer use it?

Simply enter deal information into Frazer, save it, then submit that information from Frazer directly to F & I Express.

Once you’ve handled your business on F & I Express’s web portal, you can import the info right back into Frazer.



Set Up
First, make sure Frazer’s up to date. For more info on Updating Frazer, click here.

Once the update is complete, click Enter Sales and from there, click the F & I Button-2  button.


F & I Button Sales Screen


F & I Initial Login Screen


From there, click "Want to get started? Click here to sign up."

Once you’ve gotten F & I Express credentials, you can click the Enter Credentials button to enter them into frazer. Once this is complete and saved, you can begin using the integration immediately.


How to submit a deal, and how to retrieve it.


Before submitting anything, you’ll need to make sure you’ve filled in the relevant info that F & I Express needs to provide you price quotes for your customer.
Work your deals, like normal, and then click the F & I Express button, then Submit Deal to F & I Express. A screen will automatically come up with your customer’s relevant info on F & I Express’s website.
From here, you can use F & I Express’s powerful tools to sell whichever products you need. After this has been saved and handled on F & I Express’s side, you can save everything there and close out of the website.
From here, back in Frazer, you can click the F & I Express integration button on your customer, and click Retrieve info button to pull that data back into Frazer, updating your customer accordingly.


From here, Frazer works normally!
Complete your deal and print your paperwork. You're all set!