How to Process Single Electronic Payments

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How to Process Single Electronic Payments

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Click on CustomerActivityMenuButton in the main Frazer menu.




Highlight the desired customer and double click or click on Select.




In the customer's account click on Enter Payment.




Select ProcessElectronic.  




A dropdown menu will be below the selection: PaymentMethodTransaction.   Select the method of payment or add/change the payment method.




If adding or changing the payment method, this screen appears:






Clicking AddCCButtonwill allow entry of credit card information.



Clicking AddBankAccountButtonwill allow entry of bank account information.




Clicking ModifyBillingInfoallows changing of the customer's billing information and address.  






Enter the payment amount. A screen will appear:






Selecting the "Yes" option will immediately generate and authorization form.




Selecting the "No" option will prompt to select the answer to "How did the customer contact you for this payment?".




Selecting TelephonePaymentwill prompt for a confirmation of several items.






Complete the remainder of the transaction information in the Enter Payments and Other Transactions screen and AddTransaction. The payment will be processed immediately by Frontstream.




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