How to Set Up Recurring Payments

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How to Set Up Recurring Payments

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Click on CustomerActivityButton and select the customer. The customer MUST be present to activate recurring payments.



Click on ProcessRecurring.  The following screen will appear:  





Click on AddPaymentMethodButton.  The following screen will appear:





Clicking on AddCCButtonwill go to a web page in which the information can be securely entered.




Clicking on AddBankAccountButtonwill direct to a Frazer screen in which to enter the appropriate information.  






After entering either credit card or bank account information, the option to add the payment and print an authorization form becomes available. More than one payment method can be entered, either as options for one time electronic payments or to change the source of the recurring payment at a later date.






After a customer is set up for recurring payments, a reminder will appear in the Enter Payments and Other Transactions screen. Other payments may still be entered for the customer, whether manual or electronic (i.e. payments for fees or repair balances).






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