Password Encryption on Advanced Receipts

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Password Encryption on Advanced Receipts

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Advanced Receipts allow you to print and email sensitive customer data including updated contract balances.
To handle this, Advanced Receipt emails have an attached password-protected PDF as the receipt.
The email will contain a generic body with password instructions in it. It looks something like this :



Thank you for your payment!

Please find the receipt attached as Receipt1600.pdf. The PDF is encrypted with a password.
To open it use the first four letters of your last name (in lower case) followed by your date of birth in the format YYYYMMDD.
For example, if John Smith was born June 27th, 1969, his password would be smit19690627.


6196 US HWY 11

CANTON, NY 13617





When they get the email, your customers simply need to double-click the pdf attachment (indicated below).
Then they can enter their password and they'll be able to view their detailed receipt.