Projected Collections

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Projected Collections

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Weekly Projected Collections

You can generate a report that gives your weekly projected collections.  This lists the totals of payments you are expecting to receive from your weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly customers.  To create this report, click on Reports at the top of the Frazer screen, then 3 - Customer Reporting, and 6 - Projected Collections.


The amount you are expecting from your weekly customers is the amount you should receive each week.  However, for your customers that do not pay every week, the amount you are expected to receive every week is an average.


For example, if your monthly customers owe a total of $4000, the system calculates that you will earn $1000 each week.


Be aware that some weeks you may earn more than $1000 from your monthly customers, and some weeks you may earn less.  So, the weekly projected collection total is simply an average amount you can expect to receive each week.


The totals only include current customers or customers that are less than 30 days past due.  Pick up notes due are not included in the totals, but the total of pick-up notes due is listed separately at the bottom of the report.

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