S-H RouteOne Import

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S-H RouteOne Import

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Bringing prospects from RouteOne to Frazer

In addition to transmitting prospect deals originally entered in Frazer to RouteOne, the reverse (bringing apps from RouteOne to Frazer) is also an option. This is accessed via Sales -> H - RouteOne Import at the top of the main Frazer window frame.

Prospect applications must be manually transferred to the Frazer web service from the RouteOne website. From the main App Manager, click the Edit/More button on the desired applicant, then select "Export Application to DSP":

11 R1Import1

...and then,

12 R1Import2

On the resulting page, select Frazer as the DSP, then export:

13 R1Import3

Once exported from RouteOne, the application will be available for import as a new prospect in Frazer from Sales -> H - RouteOne Import:

14 R1Import4

The list at the top shows all of the applications exported from RouteOne in reverse order (newest on top). Clicking one will show more details about the application (including all of the information that will be imported) in the bottom list. The "Refresh" button checks the web service again for any new imports.

Clicking "Add Selected Prospect To Frazer" will import all of the information listed.

First, we check if there is any vehicle attached to the prospect and match the stock number from RouteOne with the vehicles entered in Frazer. If the stock number already exists in Frazer, the following message will appear:

15 R1ContinueVehicle

If the stock doesn't already exist in Frazer a new vehicle will be added (with a purchase date of today and just the basic VIN information).

If no stock was specified in RouteOne, the prospect is added with no vehicle attached.

The code then checks to be sure that an existing prospect does not already exist in the system with the same name. If a matching prospect is found, another warning appears:

16 R1ContinueProspect

Finally, when the prospect is added, the user is given an option to go straight to the prospect list in Frazer to continue working with the deal:

17 R1GoToProspects