S-K-Finance this Deal Offers

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S-K-Finance this Deal Offers

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As Frazer continues to add more and more Financing integration partners, it became apparent that a window to manage approvals was desperately needed. This new window will provide a portal for all Frazer dealers to see at-a-glance all available offers for a particular customer.
Key advantages to this new window:

Compare multiple offers

See comparisons even between vendors (if submitted to multiple finance companies)

Reorganization of outside finance deals outstanding.


Let's dive into the window!




Looking at the window, you can see all of the deals for which the "numbers" have been sent off to a finance provider. Selecting a customer will pull up their "Offer Review" tab. From the tab, you can select a provider and view all of the deals that were decided upon.




Highlighting an offer and selecting "view offer details" will pull up a window with all of the terms and conditions for your offer.  Additionally, clicking "select offer" will pull the deal into the "enter sales" screen.




As most dealers who do sub-prime deals probably know, often times deals will get approved with conditions or stipulations attached. In cases where there are additional stipulations you will see those listed in the bottom window.


Additionally if you select the offer (to pull it into the "enter sales" window) you may be presented with a message indicating additional products have been added to the sale.






Once the deal has been pulled into the enter sales screen, and you have verified that all of the numbers are correct, you may complete the deal and/or save it as a prospect and print paperwork.