Sale Recap

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Sale Recap

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Prior to completing the sale, the Sale Recap report is available from the bottom of the Costs Tab in Sales Processing. (Sales > 1 - Enter Sales)
After completing the sale, you can find the Sale Recap Sheet by accessing the customer and clicking K) Sale Recap Sheet.


recap 3


To obtain a summary of costs and profits associated with a sale, select the customer through Customer Activity, then click on K - Sale Recap Sheet.  This printable report will give you the original cost of the vehicle, and any other costs to you associated with the vehicle.


If added costs exist, you are given the option to print a detailed added costs listing as part of the report.  You are also given the net selling price of the vehicle, which is added to the cost of the vehicle, resulting in the profit on the sale of the vehicle.

On outside financing and Buy-Here-Pay-Here deals a new amount financed is then listed, giving the total expected profit on the sale. Please note that this amount is only an expected profit based on payment from the outside lienholder or your Buy-Here-Pay-Here customer.


If the amount due from the Lien holder is less than the amount financed,


recap 4

The difference will appear as a Financing Cost.


recap 5


If you are using a Pre-Computed method to calculate interest (Straight Line or Rule of 78s) then the finance charge will be exactly what you earn in interest unless the customer makes an early payoff (in which case you will lose some of that finance charge to unearned interest).


If you are using Simple Interest to calculate your interest, then the finance charge is the amount of  interest you would earn if the customer pays exactly according to their payment schedule.  If the customer makes a payment early, you will earn slightly less in interest, and if the customer pays late, you will earn slightly more in interest.  Thus, the finance charge (and so, your total profit) is simply a predicted amount.




The sales recap report also gives your original cash position, and current cash position, as well as the down payment amount, other charges, title fee, and the sales tax amount.  For a more detailed pricing recap, click on Pricing Recap.

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