Setting Up Solutions By Text

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Setting Up Solutions By Text

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There's a 2-part process to setting up Solutions By Text in Frazer.

1. Initial (Main) Setup (Must be completed first)


2. Setting Up Individual Customers










































1. Initial (Main) Setup - Back to Top


NOTE : This process must be completed before you can setup individual customers



First, access Solutions By Text by clicking Customers à B - Text Messaging


A notification message will appear, letting you know you haven’t signed up yet.


Clicking Okay here leads to the main Solutions By Text setup window




If you haven’t done so yet, use the phone number indicated to contact Solutions By Text and get your account setup.

During the setup process with them, Solutions By Text will provide you with your Brand Org Code.
Once you receive that code, click on sbtsetupbutton


This will switch you to a screen where you can enter your Brand Org Code into Frazer.


Once you’ve entered the code, click Setup.


Once setup is complete, Frazer offers a one-time opportunity to setup your existing customers to receive text messages from Frazer.



Eligible Customers, in this case, have to meet these criteria :

1. They must have a balance due to you:
    Outside Finance, Cash, or Wholesale customers that either have pickup notes, or repair balances due.
    Any Buy Here Pay Here customers that have not been written off or paid out.
2. They must also contain a Cell Phone or a Home Phone to be signed up.

This screen also indicates how many eligible customers you currently have.


From here, you can print a listing of eligible customers, setup eligible customers, or simply exit this process.
NOTE: Clicking to Exit, here,  will require that you start the setup process from the beginning.
I.E. you’ll have to reenter your Brand Org Code before you can start the signup process for your existing eligible customers.
This process can take some time, depending on how many eligbile customers you have.

If you decide to continue with the setup process, Frazer will notify you with this screen when it’s complete.

Once you click Okay here, a report that lists all of your successfully signed up customers will appear.
The Initial Setup Process is now complete!

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2. Setting Up Individual Customers (You must complete the Initial Setup above, first) - Back to Top


After completing the above setup process, you will be able to complete new sales, and setup those customers individually.
To do so, simply access the customer.



Then click Text Messaging in the top right of the Customer Activity Screen.

The Customer Setup Screen will come up :



From here, there’s a 3 step process you must complete :


Step 1: Enter in the phone number your customer specifies and click "Check Cell Phone Number"


Frazer will return a response indicating that the phone number’s valid or invalid.



Step 2 : Discuss with the customer what types of messages they are willing to receive.



There are 2 types of messages you can send from Frazer:  
Account – these are related to customer balances, insurance info, etc.
Marketing – promotions or discounts. (must obtain express consent to send marketing texts)


Both of these include text message templates that are set up prior to you using this integration in Frazer.
However, switching the radio button to “Account and Marketing” will prompt you to state that you have received express consent from the customer.


The popup that you see above explains why and gives you the option to send only Account texts instead.



After selecting the Text Message type click Send Text Verification.

You’ll receive this notification once the verification is sent


Step 3 : Your customer will receive a message that includes a unique Approval Number (PIN).



Enter this Approval Number (PIN) in the PIN field below and click Verify PIN and Complete Setup.

The customer will receive a setup confirmation, and you will receive a last notification.
SBTPINVerificationComplete         SBTPinVerified
This notification will signal that your customer is now signed up and ready to receive text messages.

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