Sending Text Messages from Frazer

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Sending Text Messages from Frazer

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Sending Text Messages from Frazer



Part 1 - Sending Individual Text Messages

Part 2 - Sending Multi-Person(Batch) Text Messages

Part 3 - Receiving Text Messages and Text Message Statuses

Part 4 - Managing/Making Changes to existing Text Users

Part 5 - Printing Text Message Reports

















Part 1 – Sending Individual Text Messages - Back to Top


To send an individual message, select the customer you want to text.
(Customer Activity – Select Customer)


From there, click on the Text Messaging button to access the Text Messaging Screen.

It will open directly to the “Send Template Messages” tab.


This tab includes the preset messages you created when you setup Solutions By Text.
Click on any one of them to see the entire text message in the box underneath.



NOTE : Some of the messages may have values in between brackets: i.e. {Website}
This means that this particular message will pull relevant info from Frazer into the brackets.
So, if you’re sending the same message that includes a payment due date to multiple customers, each one of them will get their own individual due date.
(Frazer will let you know if a particular customer is missing required information for a text message.)


Simply click Send Template Message to send the text.
Frazer will respond with a popup asking you to double check. And then will let you know if the text succeeds or fails.

sbtareyousure                                       sbtsingletextsuccess



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Part 2 - Sending Multi-person(Batch) Text Messages - Back to Top



Frazer also gives you the option to send your template messages to multiple people at once.
You can then save those batch messages for future use.

To do this, access the Main Text Messaging screen.
Click Customers – B. Text Messaging

On the next screen, Select Send Batch Text Messages



From here, the Batch Messaging screen pops up.


Select Create a new batch text, and the Select Template window will come up.



From here, select the text template you want to send and click Select Customers to Receive this Message



This next screen above lets you easily pick groups of customers by Due Date or Sale Date, etc.
You can also select customers who are paid out for marketing and promotion texts.


So, for example, if you wanted to send a batch text to everyone of your customers due within the next 7 days, you would select “Customers by Payment Due Date.” Then select “Relative Dates” underneath.
Then check “The NEXT” on the right and type in “7” days.

Don’t forget to look at the blue text on the right!
This is a “translation” of your selections.
It will tell you exactly what you’ve selected in plain English.  


From here, click Review and Send





The next screen displays a list of eligible customers with multiple options.
You can go through the list and remove customers if needed.


To save a batch for later use click Save Batch.
On the next screen give it a unique name and click Save again.




To send previously saved Batches click Customers – B. Text Messaging

On the following screen simply click Send a previously saved batch text



On the next screen (above) you’ll see a list of your previously saved Batch Texts.
Select the one you want and click Send, or select Review Before Sending to go over the list of customers that it will include.


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Part 3. Receiving Text Messages and Text Message Statuses - Back to Top


Receiving Text Messages

Your customers can reply to the text messages you send.

When a customer replies to your texts, an auto reply will be sent back indicating that they aren’t being monitored, but will be looked at later.
A. To check for replies on an individual customer, simply access the customer. Click Text Messaging


and then switch to the Customer Text Log.
The highlighted message above is one this particular sent back to their dealership. Notice that it's in bold and its status is "Received".


B. To check for replies from any/all of your customers, click Customers – B. Text Messaging
On the next window, click Check Incoming Texts



A list of every response will come up.


To reply to any of them, click on any of the texts in the list and then click Go to Selected Customer underneath.
From here, you can click Text Messaging on the customer activity screen.
Then access the Customer Text Log tab.


Then click Send Custom Message on the bottom right to send a customized response.





Text Message Statuses


When you send or receive a text in Frazer, its status will display in the Customer Text log.

Typically, you’ll only see statuses like “Sent” or “Delivered” or any errors if applicable.
There is no way to verify that a customer has actually read a text, however.


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Managing/Making Changes to existing Text Users - Back to Top


Changes to existing Text Users can be done on the Customer Setup window in each individual customer.

From here, you can disable accounts, switch text message types, and change phone numbers.


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Printing Text Message Reports - Back to Top

You can print a report of the text messages you’ve sent to every customer by a date range, or a single customer by a date range.

To access the report click Reports – 3. Customer Reporting – Y. Text Message Log. (R-3-Y)
Or click Customers – B. Text Messaging – Print Log Report button