Updating the Bad Guy List

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Updating the Bad Guy List

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Every update you receive from Frazer will include the latest revision of OFAC's SDN "terrorist" list.  However the terrorist list is usually updated a couple of times every month, so you may want to check the government web site to see if you should update your list.  To do this:

Click on Sales at the top of the main window, and then select 8-OFAC's SDN from the menu.

This window will let you search for names on the list.  At the bottom of the screen, you will see the words File last updated: and the date the list was last updated in Frazer.

The following window will open:


Click on the button that says Click here to check for latest version of list if you want to see if a new update is available.


To see if a new updated list is available, click on 1 - Check to see date for latest list. If the government website indicates that there has been an update in the "Changes to the SDN List: section on the website.

If there is an indication that the list has changed you can click on the 2 - Download latest list button.