Vehicle Exchange

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Vehicle Exchange

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Occasionally, a customer purchases a vehicle, changes his mind, and decides he wants a different vehicle instead.  You can accommodate this type of situation in the Sales Screen.


1. Click on Enter Sales, and on the Pricing tab


2. enter the price of the new vehicle being purchased.


3. Then, click on the Enter Trade-In button to enter the information for the original vehicle.


4. If you want the trade to occur with little or no money changing hand, enter the Amount Allowed for the trade-in to be the same as the new vehicle price.


5. If the customer still owes you money on the original vehicle they are trading in, check the boxes next to Check here if a Pay Off is owed on this trade-in, and Check here if Pay Off is to you.  This will automatically fill in what is left of their balance, and the vehicle information.


6. If the customer still owes you money, you have to enter their payment information back on the pricing screen.  If the customer wants to keep the same payment schedule they previously had, you can view their payment schedule by clicking on Customer Activity, and selecting the customer.  Their first payment date will be whatever their next due date is.


7. If you want the end price of the deal to be whatever balance they had with you previously, you can click on Adjust Pricing, and enter their previous balance in the box labeled Enter Desired Result.  Then, select the trade allowance as the number to change (or select the price if you want the new vehicle price to be altered instead).  Then, click on Begin Adjustment.  If you do not make this adjustment, the difference between the new vehicle price and the trade allowance will be added to their balance, as well as any taxes and fees from the sale.


8. In the Customer tab, you can save time by clicking on the button in the top right that says Retrieve Previous Customer Information.  Since you have already completed a sale to this customer, this option will allow you to select the customer, and it will then automatically enter all the information for that customer.  You will then need to click on Select / Change Vehicle to select the vehicle they are trading in for.


9. Enter any lien holder information if the sale is outside financed, click on Complete As Sale, and you are done.