VIN Decoder Update

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VIN Decoder Update

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When entering the VIN of a vehicle, the Frazer program automatically populates the vehicles characteristics and features.  This information is provided by Chrome Systems.



To keep the information current, be sure to update the VIN decoder regularly.  Go to Updates in the main menu, the click on the button that states the decoder is out of date:




***All updates MUST be done from the main server computer for Frazer. Be sure that all sub-windows are closed in the program and that Frazer is closed on all workstation computers in the network.



An update file will download to the local computer.  Select the update to Run it. Some browsers require the file be saved first, then Run after a security scan.



The first screen to appear will be the following:





Click on NextButton.  On the following screen, be sure that the destination folder shown is where the Frazer program is installed on the server.





Continue through the following screens by clicking NextButton.  The program will close automatically. The update is finished and the program may be opened again.



If the program is open on any computers, a warning will appear to indicate that the program is in use. Be sure the program is not open, or opened and minimized, on any network computers. If the program does appear to be closed, but the message still appears, restart the main computer then run the update again.





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