Year End Reports

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Year End Reports

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The following is a list of some of the most common reports requested at the end of the year!


Main Year End Reports


Inventory Valuation and Status - Reports>1-Vehicle Inventory Reports>6-Inventory Valuation and Status>1-All Vehicles (Be Careful with Lot fees and Floor Plan Costs)


Inventory Report - Reports>1-Vehicle Inventory Reports>2-Inventory Listings>3-Print for a Date in the Past (Be Careful with Lot fees and Floor Plan Costs)


Vehicles Purchased - Reports>1-Vehicle Inventory Reports>3-List of Vehicles Purchased (Be Careful of lot fees)


Sales Totals - Reports>2-Sales Reporting>1-Sales Totals (Do not include lot fees)


Accounts Receivable - Reports>3-Customer Reporting>3-Accounts Receivable (Can not be run for a date in past)


Customer Listings - Reports>3-Customer Reporting>2-Customer Listings (Be aware of pre-existing customers)


Transaction Totals - Reports>3-Customer Reporting>4-Transaction Totals


Balance Sheet - Reports>4-Accounting>1-Financial Statements


Income Statement - Reports>4-Accounting>1-Financial Statements



Optional Source Reports


Added Cost Listing - Reports>1-Vehicle Inventory Reports>0-Added Cost Listing


Sales Listing - Reports>2- Sales Reporting/2-Sales Listings>1-Profitability Recap (Do not include lot fees)


Transaction Listing - Reports>3-Customer Reporting>5-Transaction Listing


GL Listing - Reports>4-Accounting>2-GL Listing