700 Credit

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700 Credit

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700Credit Setup

in the Frazer Software


Initial Setup:

1. Click on “Miscellaneous” at the top of the screen in Frazer, and select menu

option “1- System Options”.




2. Select tab “2- Sales Options 2”, and click the button to “Setup to pull Credit





3. Select the “700 Credit Setup” button.




4. Enter 700 Credit account information in as requested, then click “Return to

System Options Window”, and then click “Save” at the bottom of the System

Options screen.






Accessing Reports:

1. At this point, the dealer can now pull reports for both customer information

entered in their “Enter Sales” screen, and for existing customers they locate

by clicking “Customer Activity” (both at the top of the screen in Frazer). See

below for screen shots of the “Credit Reporting” button.

Enter Sales:




Customer Activity:




2. After clicking this “Credit Report” button, they can select their options and

click “Pull Credit Report”.




3. The system will automatically pull up a window in their default browser

displaying the report and additional tabs.




4. Once a credit report has been accessed with this account, the screen will

appear slightly differently. They will see the date and time it was pulled and

the score(s) at the time of their last pull. They will also have access to view

the report again and the ability to pull a new report.




5. To review a listing of previously pulled reports, the dealer can click

“Miscellaneous” at the top of the screen, and then “9- Pulled Credit Reports”.




6. This screen will allow the dealer access to previously pulled credit report

information, as well as a link to the 700 Credit Compliance Dashboard.