Add or Change Groups

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Add or Change Groups

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Groups are the best way to easily add and manage your departments.


For example, say you have 5 salespeople and a front desk person, and the salespeople need access that the front desk person does not need.

You could set the salespeople up as a single group and give them all the same level of access at once.


Click a button below for more information.








Add Group - This button will create a new group.


Delete Group - This button will erase the selected group only if all users have been removed from that group first.


Set Default Group - This button allows you to make the selected group into the default group. The default group is the group any newly-added user is set to.


Manage Group Settings - This button allows you to do several things with the selected group, such as adding/removing users from the group, editing the permissions in each group, and manage the permissions of each user in that group.


Edit Group Permissions- This button allows you to edit all the permissions for the selected group.


Permission Console - Use this button to transfer permissions between two users, groups, or either/or.










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