Changing Information After A Sale

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Changing Information After A Sale

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Occasionally the details of a sale must be altered after a sale has been completed.  You may need to alter some information, or you may have just entered it incorrectly the first time. Once a sale has been completed, some information may be changed, while other information requires that the sale be temporarily canceled and added back to the prospect file in order to be changed.

General Sale Information

If you want to change any information regarding the customer or the sale, click the Customer Activity button, select the customer, click on B – Customer Processing, then A – Customer Information and Costs.  The first screen, the General Customer Information screen allows you to change most of the customer's information, such as their name, address, phone number, customer rating, etc.  On this screen you can also change the type of sale (if it was entered incorrectly), the salesman, the source of the customer, the late fee options for that customer, the mileage at the time of the sale, and the mileage that will be printed on forms.


By clicking on the Costs tab, you can manually change the cost of the service contract, insurance, other sales fees, or the salesman's commission.  Changing these costs on this screen will NOT change the amount being charged to the customer and will in no way affect the customer's balance.  Changing the costs here will only change the profit you are calculated to make on the sale.


On the Payment Schedule tab, you can adjust the customer's payment schedule, but be sure to verify that the customer agrees to any changes you are making.  From this tab, you can alter the frequency with which they pay, or their payment amount.  You can change their number of payments by increasing or decreasing the payment amount.  If you change the payment amount it does NOT affect the total amount the customer is paying you, it just will affect the number of payments they are making.  From this tab you are NOT able to adjust the amount the customer is paying. If you wish to keep the payment schedule the same, but simply change their next due date, open the customer through Customer Activity, then click on I – Change Due Date.  This screen will give their next due date, and allow you to manually change this due date.  Any changes you make on this screen will affect the rest of the customer's due dates.  For example, if the customer is originally due monthly on the 1st, and you change their next due date from August 1st to August 15th, all of their subsequent due dates will fall monthly on the 15th.


If you need to change any of the information regarding the vehicle, open the customer through Customer Activity, then click on J – Vehicle Information.  The only thing that cannot be changed using this window is the stock number.

If you wish to change the stock number of the vehicle, pull up the customer's account through Customer Activity, click on  B – Customer Processing, and then D – Change Stock Number. However, you cannot use this option to change the vehicle associated with the sale.  If you try to enter the stock number of an existing vehicle, the system will not allow it.

If you need to change the vehicle, follow the steps below to cancel the sale and return the customer to the prospect file.

If you need to add repairs or other costs to the vehicle, click on Added Costs.


Other Sale Information

Changing Pricing, Vehicle, and Sale Date

Any other information regarding the sale, such as pricing info, sale date, and the vehicle itself cannot be changed without canceling the sale and returning it to the prospect file.  By doing this, all of the information is saved, and once the customer is pulled up as a prospect, any information regarding the sale may be changed.  If any payments have already been entered for this customer, you may want to make note of them before you cancel the sale.  To do this, click on Customer Activity, then click on F – Show Complete Transaction History, then print this by clicking on Print Listing.  These payments will need to be reentered once you make the necessary changes and complete the sale again.

How To Cancel the Sale and Add the Customer Back To Prospect File

To cancel the sale,

Retrieve the customer through Customer Activity, click on B – Customer Processing, then I – Cancel Sale.

Click on the button at the bottom that says CANCEL SALE – add customer back to prospect file.  Once you have canceled the sale, you need to click on the Enter Sales button, and then click on the Retrieve Prospect button from the bottom left hand corner.

Click on the customer you just canceled the sale for so they are highlighted, and then click Select.  This will bring up all the original sale information, and will give the option to change the sale date to today.  If you are just changing information that was entered incorrectly at the time of the sale, you will want to keep the original sale date.

Make any necessary changes, and then click on Complete as Sale.  This completes the process. If payments exist for that customer, they can now be reentered.