Credit Report Passwords

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Credit Report Passwords

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It is important to be sure that unauthorized people cannot pull a credit report, or access previously pulled credit reports.  Frazer gives you two ways to use passwords within the system, and both provide security for your credit reports.


To set up passwords,

select the "Miscellaneous" menu, and then

select "3 – Password system."

You will have two options.


Option 1 lets you use one password to run Frazer, and another password to access sensitive information (including credit reports).  The password for accessing sensitive information should obviously be given to very few people.


You can also use Option 2, where you give each person their own user ID and password.  When using this method you can determine which people should be allowed to access the Credit Reports, and which ones should not.  This option has the added benefit of allowing you to track who pulled each credit report.



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