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Currently Using PWs

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If you are currently using the password system and want to switch to the new version, click
Miscellaneous 3 - Password System.
Enter your master password and you will see this popup :









You’ll notice there are two options : Yes! Let’s get started. Or I am not ready to switch just yet.
This is your chance to hold off on switching to the enhanced password system if you’re not ready.

If you do make the switch, there’s no going back!

Click Yes! Let’s get started if you want to continue.  









There are 5 steps to migrating to the enhanced password system.
Complete each step to move on to the next. If you need to pause setup, just close Frazer and reopen
to come back another time.




1.Register Administrator

 Here you will identify and select the Administrator of the Enhanced Password System.  
           This person will be responsible for managing all aspects of the Enhanced Password
 The first step is to enter your administrator email address. From there, enter in the
 temporary password you’ll receive in an email.


2.Gather User Data

 Here you’ll migrate any existing users from the old password system to the enhanced      
 password system.


3.Administrator Login

 This is your first login with administrator credentials.
 Required before you can add new users.


4.Create User Accounts

 This is where you set up any new users.


5.Initialization Complete!
Frazer will close when you’ve finished this process and reopen.




Frazer should take you through each of these steps smoothly and effortlessly.
Just follow the directions!


When Frazer reopens, you’ll be greeted by a new login screen.

Use the admin credentials you created during setup to login.
Any users that were migrated over or added will have to go through an initial login process, much like the Administrator.
They’ll have an email with a temporary password waiting for them after setup.
They just need to use that temporary password for their first login, and they can change their password from there.


Should you have any questions about this process give us a call at 888-963-5369!


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