Envelope Printing

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Envelope Printing

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The Envelope Setup is available in Miscellaneous >> 1-SystemOptions>> 8-Accounting >> SetUpEnvelopePrinting. It is also available in printer setup (wherever seen in the Frazer program).


*Because each printer is different, it is recommended that a standard blank piece of paper is used to set up the printable area before trying to on an actual envelope! That way adjustments can be made to fit the type of envelope to be used.



Envelopes may be printed from several different locations within Frazer.  To print from the Letters and Labels program, go to Customers >> 2 - Letters and Labels >> PrintLettersAndLabels. Select the Envelope option.





To print from a customer's file, go to customeractivitybutton then select the customer and click on PrintEnvelopeCustAct.


To print an envelope for a vendor, select a vendor from the Vendor File (accessed from several places in the program, one of which is Vehicles >> 5 -Vendors.  Click on PrintEnvelopeCustAct.