GoldStar GPS

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GoldStar GPS

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Go to Miscellaneous >> 1 - System Options >> 2 - Sales Options 2. Click on StarterInterruptDeviceOptsMainButton.





Navigate to the GoldStar GPS tab by clicking on GoldStarGPSButton.  





Check the box to Add Option to use GoldStar GPS system and enter the User Name and Password (Use admin password provided by GoldStar). Then Test Connection.





When the connection passes, click on ReturnToSysOpts then click on SaveButton.



GPS serial numbers may now be entered into Frazer. This may be done in three different areas of the program.



The first location the GPS serial number may be entered is in the Vehicle screen.  Go to Vehicle File , then select the desired vehicle.  Enter the number in GPS Serial #.






The second location the GPS serial number may be entered is in the Sales Processing screen. Go to Enter Sales then click on the Customer tab.  Under Starter Interrupt Device options, select the radio button next to GoldStar GPS and then enter the serial number below. (If the number was already entered into the Vehicle screen, it will automatically populate in this screen, as well.)







The third location the GPS serial number may be entered is through Customer Activity, on a completed sale.  Go to CustomerActivityMenuButton and select the desired customer.




Click on BCustomerProcessing then CustomerInfoCosts.  Click on the Miscellaneous tab.  Under Starter Interrupt options, enter the GoldStar GPS serial number.  Click on SaveChanges.





The customer's main Customer Activity Screen will now have a GoldStar GPS button available.





Click on GoldStarGPSEnabledCustAct to reveal more options.







Enable and Disable control the starter interrupt capabilities of the Goldstar GPS device. Enable, Disable, or Locate will access GoldStar to locate the vehicle.  The following will appear after clicking on any of the three options.





Wait approximately 10 to 15 seconds and then click OK. Then highlight the task in the menu and click GoldStarViewDetailsButton at the bottom of the screen.  





If not enough time has passed, the following message will appear:





After enough time has passed, click on GoldStarViewDetailsButton.  Information regarding the location of the vehicle will appear.





Click on GoldStarViewMap to obtain a map showing the location of the vehicle.



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