M-1 System Options

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M-1 System Options

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This is the the System Options window in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous  → 1- System Options


Clicking on the tabs below will give you more information about each section of system options.



Helpful Hints

Frazer system options can be modified at any time.

For the most part, unless otherwise specified, system options changes won't affect data you've already entered (unless specified).


Overview of system options tabs:


M-1-1 Sales 1: Sales 1 focuses on several defaults for completing sales in the software.


M-1-2 Sales 2: Sales 2 focuses on several defaults for completing sales in the software.


M-1-3 Taxes: The taxes tab is where you can set default tax rates, as well as edit other options relating to taxes.


M-1-4 Payments: The payments tab includes options for taking payments within the software including receipt options.


M-1-5 Vehicles: The vehicle options tab has defaults for inventory.


M-1-6 Printings: The Printings tab has defaults for both printing forms as well as some report viewer options.


M-1-7 Other: The other tab has a bit more diverse set of options. Examples of items that can be found here include: late fee defaults, profit adjustments, cash position options, and customer look-up options.


M-1-8 Accounting: This tab has various options regarding the accounting within Frazer.


M-1-9 Dealership information: This tab would be a good one to start with. The dealership information tab has defaults that will print on paperwork such as dealer license numbers and important information for the Buyer's Guide.


M-1-10 Integrations: The Integrations tab has the setups for various integrations that are sprinkled throughout the Frazer software.