Vehicle Options

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Vehicle Options

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This is the the generic Vehicle Options tab in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous >> 1. System Options >> 5. Vehicle Options Tab


  The example below may not match your screen exactly as options may be customized for your state.


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Stock Number Options

You may decide whether or not to let the system automatically add the next stock number, and what that stock number will be.

The system automatically updates this number as you enter more vehicles into inventory.

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Lot Fee Options

You can set a default lot fee for your vehicles here. You can also choose to apply that default to your existing vehicles.

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Added Cost Options


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Inventory Lookup Options

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Default Down Payment amount for inventory
This sets a default Down Payment on all of your vehicles. The Down Payment field can be found in the sales tab of your vehicles in Frazer.  

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Miscellaneous Vehicle Options

Display Vehicle Costs

This allows vehicle costs to be displayed when you open the vehicle information screen without having to click Display Vehicle Costs in the top right.
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Designate the Odometer in Kilometers or Miles

If you are selling a vehicle manufactured in Canada, this option is for you!

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Fill Vehicle Sales Features

This options allows sales features in the VIN to populate in the vehicle file. These features can be included with uploads and on window stickers.
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Force a Valid VIN

The system will always warn you if the VIN is not 17 characters long. Checking this box will require the VIN to be 17 characters before saving the vehicle. Unchecking this box will allow you to save "invalid" VINs, but  still display a warning.  If you sell older vehicles or motorcycles, be sure to uncheck this box.

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Enable VIN Check for Sirius XM

This option is checked by default. If you don't use the SiriusXM integration, it can be unchecked to stop Frazer from checking vehicle VINs automatically.

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Warn if Rebuilt/Salvage

Checking this adds a warning to the sales process when you select a vehicle marked rebuilt or salvage.

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Always Leave Floor Plan Open
Normally, when completing a sale, Frazer will ask you if you'd like to close a floor plan immediately with a prompt. This will keep that prompt from coming up.  

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Default Trades To Be Added to Inventory.
When working a sale with a trade-in, this will automatically check the box to add the trade to your inventory once the sale is complete.

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Allow Changing a Sold Vehicle's Retail/Internet/Wholesale/Other Prices
Checking this will let you change the Retail/Internet/Wholesale or Other prices on the sales tab of a sold vehicle. Normally those fields can't be changed on sold vehicles.

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Add Repo Costs to Inventory Value

If you write-off a vehicle and add it back into inventory, this option will add your cost of repossession as an added cost on the inventoried vehicle.
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Include Buyer's Fee in Floor Plan Amount

Checking this will automatically include Buyer's Fees in Floor Plan Amounts. Check it if you prefer to Floor Plan your Buyer's Fees as well as the Vehicle Price. Top of Page.


Vehicle History Report Options

Frazer is integrated with 4 different third parties that offer vehicle history reports.
Click an option below for setup information on each one.





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Vehicle Uploads

Frazer is integrated with over 150 Third parties that can help you market your vehicles online and more!
Click here for more info.

Vehicle Upload Settings

Clicking this button will give you access to two additional options :
   - Upload Color Description (if not blank) instead of Exterior Color
   - Exclude vehicles that are NOT "Ready to Sell"
                     (this is particularly helpful if you add alot of vehicles into frazer that you're not immediately ready to market.

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Vehicle Requirements


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Window Information/ Price Sheet (Window Sticker defaults)


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Default Sales and Internet Comments

This button lets you create sales and internet comments that get added to everyone of your vehicles, and there's an option to update every single vehicle with what you enter here.


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Add Vehicle Defaults


Default Location Code

If you use location codes with your inventory, enter a default for them here.

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Default Vehicle Source

This lets you select a default vehicle source. It will be added to any new vehicle you enter.

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Upload New Vehicles

If you want all the vehicles you add to inventory to be immediately included in vehicle uploads, check this box.

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If you have a vehicle older then 10 years, you have the option to print "EXEMPT" instead of the vehicle's mileage.

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Automatically import vehicles from Sidekick
If you use the Frazer Sidekick mobile app, this setting will automatically import all of the changes you make on the application. Otherwise, those changes must be imported manually using Vehices --> C. Frazer Sidekick.

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