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This is the the Other tab in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous >> 1-SystemOptions


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M-1-7 new



Financing Cost

Check this box if you want the cost of financing to be calculated on the front end. Otherwise, it will be calculated with the back-end costs. Top of Page.



Ignore Commission

You may choose to exclude the cost of commissions from profit calculations. Top of Page.



Show Insurance Screen

If a customer's insurance has expired, a window will pop-up when you enter that customer's account. Top of Page.



Print Totals on Transaction History (C-1-F-P)

This adds a Totals line on the Transaction History Printout. Top of Page.



Default Customers to Display

Choose to display either Customers with a Balance or All Customers when you first enter the customer lookup window. Top of Page.



Backup Reminder

You can have Frazer remind you to do a backup if it's been a week since the last backup you did. Frazer will neither initiate nor automate an online backup. Top of Page.



Cancel a Sale to Prospect and have it Open in Enter Sales Immediately

This will bring a canceled sale back up for editing right after Canceling it to Prospect. Top of Page.


When Frazer Opens Remember Screen Settings

This will remember screen settings when you resize or move the Frazer window. Top of Page.



Customer's Balance

On the Customer lookup window, the customer's balance may include any combination of the displayed options in addition to the contract balance. Top of Page.






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