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Payment Options

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This is the Payments tab in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous >> 1 - System Options >> 4 - Payments


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When Payments Are Taken...


 Percent of Payment that must be received to advance due date

The due date will only advance if the customer pays at least this percentage of the current amount due.

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Force Payment to ALWAYS be applied to FEES first?

Checking this box means that every time you take a payment on a customer with a FEES balance, a portion of that payment will satisfy that fees balance before the contract.

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Apply Payment to Fees after Balance is Paid

A payment will always apply to the account balance rather than apply to fees on the account.

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Always advance the promise date into the future, even if due date is in the past.
Checking this will always push a customer's promise date forward, even if they are past due. This is particularly helpful for managing collections in Frazer.
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Prompt to Forgive Balance

If, after taking a payment, the customer's balance is less than this dollar amount indicated there, you will be prompted to forgive the balance.

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  Prompt for "How Paid" - By mail, by phone, or in person

 When you enter a payment, this requires you to tell Frazer how the payment was taken, by mail, phone, or in person.

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Receipt Style

Advanced Receipt (Preferred)

Selecting this option will set Frazer so that it uses Advanced Receipts, which offer more complex receipt customization options to you. This is the preferred way to print receipts in Frazer, and allows you to print to a receipt-style printer, in addition to a regular laser printer.

Advanced Receipt Options
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Classic Receipts

Selecting this option will set Frazer to use our Classic Receipts, which you may be more used to if you've been using Frazer for a while.

Classic Receipt Options.
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 Reset Receipt Number
   Clicking this button will allow you to reset the receipt numbers and start over counting up from any number you choose.

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  Prompt for Receipt Number instead of having system assign next number

   Check this box if you'd like to choose each receipt number as you print them, instead of having Frazer choose them automatically.

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  Print receipts for down payments and deposits
   When this is checked, Frazer will prompt to print a receipt for both down payments and deposits when you click Complete as Sale on a deal.

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  Deposits are Refundable

   Make sure this box is checked if your deposits are refundable - Frazer will adjust your receipts accordingly.

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Customer Activity Options


  Completely exit from "Customer Activity" after entering payment

Checking this box will automatically close a customer file after you take a payment on it. This speeds up the taking of payments considerably.

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  When exiting from Customer Activity prompt for another customer

   If this is checked, the Customer Activity window will pop back up after you close a customer file. This makes it much easier to access your customers.
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   Display Balances in Red on Customer Look-up window if customer is at least ___ day(s) past due

Late customers will have their balances in Red if they are later than this number of days. Top of Page.

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  Warn before printing form 8300 with no Social Security Number
  When this box is checked, you will be warned of a missing Social Security Number when you're prompted to print Form 8300.

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Bad Check/ACH Fees  
Occasionally you may record a payment via check or ACH that is returned for insufficient funds.  You can back the payment out by recording a payment type of “Bad Check” in the customer’s account.  If you charge a return check/ACH fee when this happens you can set your system to automatically apply a charge to the customers account. You can also set your default amount.

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When should the next payment amount be added to what is currently due?
Customers may come in a few days before their payment is due and ask how much they owe. Setting this feature will allow your customer's balance to show as "due" however many days out you set it.
Example: John Smith owes a monthly payment of $200 on the 10th of every month. If you enter a "7" into the box, starting on the 3rd his customer activity screen will begin to reflect a balance due.  

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