Dealership Information

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Dealership Information

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This is the the generic Dealership Information tab in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous >> 1 - System Options >> 9 - Dealership Information


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Dealership name and Address
This is your dealership information! It's what prints on your forms.
If the info in this area is incorrect, call Frazer to fix it.

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Company Information

Add your state provided dealership ID number, your sales tax ID number, the county the dealership operates in, and any designated agent or

county numbers that you may have been provided in these fields.

(NOTE: If you don't know what a designated agent is, don't worry about it. You won't need to fill that in.)

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Additional Information

If your dealership has an email, website or fax number that may need to be included on documents, an employer ID number (FEIN) or if you have

been assigned a lienholder code to conduct financing, that information can be stored here.  

If you have a Legal Business name different than the name that you use normally but that may need to show on some documents you can store

that here.

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Change BH-PH Lien Holder name/address

If you use an alternate address for in house financing documents you can save that here.

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When Printing the Buyers Guide, See for Complaints

When printing the Used Car Buyers Guide you'll need to include a person to contact in case of complaints. Enter that name here and it will print on

the back of your Buyer's Guide.

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Power of Attorney

If a specific individual is given power of attorney to complete documents for sales they can be saved here to be printed on appropriate documents.

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If your dealership uses a specific person as its notary public for attesting documents their information can be stored here for printing.

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