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This is the the generic Accounting tab in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous >> 1-SystemOptions


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M-1-8 new


General Ledger Closing Date
You may enter a date in manually, or have one automatically entered when you transfer information to Quickbooks.
You can also select to warn anyone trying to enter transactions after a General Ledger Closing Date has been entered. Top of Page.


How will you pay for these purchases

Select the accounts you wish to use with Vehicle Purchase and Vehicle Added Costs. Top of Page.


Floor Plan Costs

Select the account you wish to use with vehicle Floor Plans. Top of Page.


Check Numbers

If your checks are already numbered, check this box so that Frazer does not print them a second time. Top of Page.


Appropriate Vendors

Checking this will always display vendors with the appropriate category in relation to what you're adding them to.
i.e. Clicking Select Provider on a GAP charge will display Other Fee Providers instead of all vendors. This is helpful if you have your vendors carefully organized. Top of Page.


Computer Checks

This screen contains links to checks that work with Frazer, and allows you to test how the checks will print.


Check Printing Setup New Updt 8-4-16




Top of Page.


Envelope Printing

This screen handles the envelope printing setup in your system.


Envelope Printing Updt 8-4-16


Top of Page.



Hide Voided Checks

Checking this will no longer show voided checks in Accounting - C. Review Payments and other changes to Cash in Bank. Top of Page.


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