Sales Options 2

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Sales Options 2

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This is the the generic Sales Options 2 tab in Frazer. It is available from Miscellaneous >> 1-SystemOptions


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Sales Options 2


Note: We have customized this window for specific states. If this Sales Options 2 window looks different from the one in your Frazer, click the same general area to access more information.



Buyer's Guide

Put the name of the person the customer should contact regarding vehicle problems. Federal law requires all buyer's guides to have the name and phone number of a person to contact in case a customer might have problems with how a vehicle performs. (See CFR 16 455.2 (b.3.e) for the text of the law). Frazer automatically prints the phone number of the dealership. Top of Page.




This Screen will allow you to add special features that have been added at the request of certain companies. Only make changes here if you have been requested to do so. Top of Page.



Display "How Interest Earned" on Sales Screen

If you check this button, you will be able to choose the method of earning interest each time you enter a new deal. Once you choose your default method of earning interest, we recommend keeping this unchecked. Top of Page.




Check this box if a lien holder requires that there are always 30 days between payments, including the month of February. Selecting this option ensures that no additional interest is charged and that the payments remain the same. Top of Page.




Fill in this area with the Notary information you want to print on your forms. Top of Page.



Power of Attorney

Fill in this area with the Power of Attorney information you want to print on your forms. Top of Page.



Quick Lookup of Providers

By keeping these checked, Frazer will automatically add your default provider to the deal if there is a charge for any of the items. Top of Page.



Require Source of Customer

This option makes the "Source Code" entry a requirement before you are allowed to save a deal. Top of Page.


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