Optional Sales Fees

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Optional Sales Fees

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This area is accessed from the Sales Options 1 tab under Miscellaneous >> 1-SystemOptions


If customers are charged for anything in addition to the standard price, tag & title fees, dealer service fee, service contract, and sales tax - those additional fees must be added to the Frazer system.


The system can add up to three optional sales fees. The additional sales fees added will show up on the sales processing screen and will appear on forms (if used). (For example: GAP insurance can be added as an Optional Sales Fee.)


A description of the fee, a default customer price, and tax information may all be entered here. There is also a field that can require the cost of the fee to be equal to the sale price.  If this is selected then the cost will automatically be assumed to be the same as the price charged to the customer.




The system can also add different Optional Sales Fees based on which specific lien holder will be doing the financing.

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