Kelley Blue Book Value Guide        

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Kelley Blue Book Value Guide        

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You can determine the value of both current and potential inventory vehicles using the Frazer Kelley Blue Book integration.

However, this is one of a few Frazer services that requires an additional subscription fee in addition to your normal Frazer fee.

In order to subscribe to this service and activate your KBB integration, please call Frazer at (888) 963-5369.


Access to the Kelley Blue Book integration is currently available in the following areas of the program:

On the "Update Vehicle" window (Inventory File).

On the "Vehicles" drop down at the top of the main Frazer window frame (V-9-B).

On the "Trade-in" window.

On the "Write Off" window.


An internet connection is required to use this service.


Update Vehicle Window (Inventory File)

A valid VIN and vehicle mileage are required to pull vehicle values. After these are entered, selecting the Kelley Blue Book button (Top Right) should immediately obtain data about the vehicle from Kelley's servers.

In many cases, the dealer will be prompted to choose a trim:



After selecting the trim, you will be prompted to select the "Condition" of the vehicle.


Users can scroll through and double click on equipment that exists for the vehicle. Adding or subtracting equipment will effect the values that you receive from the vendor.

As you select optional equipment, items selected in the list will appear as green or red depending on whether that option is present.


When you are ready click "Get Values".




Frazer will display the values from the vendor as well as some other information.

Dealers have the option to update their pricing and click "Save Values to Inventory" in the bottom right.

NOTE: This will only update the sales tab. Users will still need to save the vehicle to lock in any new prices entered.

Frazer will keep a copy of the bookout sheet, that can be accessed anytime by clicking the "Kelley Blue Book" icon on the vehicle's file, and selecting "Bookout Sheet From XX/XX/XXXX".


Vehicles drop-down menu (Vehicles, Item 9, Letter B)

This window is a little different. The "Vehicle in Frazer" tab behaves as above (Vehicle Inventory section), but includes a "Select Vehicle" option.


This window offers three options for pulling values: Vehicle in Frazer, VIN, or a Drill Down. (Screenshot below of changes to "Search" box in the top right (depending on radio button selection).)


Trade-in Window

Kelley Blue Book is available from both Trade-In screens.

Write off window

Kelley Blue Book is available from the Write Off screen.

Printing data

 The Bookout sheet: Frazer is able to print a bookout sheet using Kelley Blue Book's values. Note: Only vehicles in inventory have the option to reprint a previous report.


Value Descriptions


Kelley Blue Book uses a simple explanation of vehicle conditions.


N/R- No Returned Value

Excellent- Like new.

Very Good- Very little wear.

Good- Normal Wear.

Fair- More than expected wear.


The values listed in the window are the Adjusted values. These adjustments are made by taking a Base Value, and adding in adjustments such as vehicle Mileage, selected options, and region.

A breakdown of all of these values can be seen utilizing the Bookout Sheet.