Mid-Atlantic Finance Company

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Mid-Atlantic Finance Company

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Frazer provides integrations to several outside finance companies. To get started, click on “Enter Sales” and set your sale type to Outside Financing. Once you’ve entered your customer and pricing information, you are ready to submit the deal to a financing source!
To submit the deal, click on “Finance this Deal” and click on the “Mid-Atlantic Finance” button.


The first time you try to use the MidAtlantic Finance integration you will be prompted for your Dealer ID. If you have not signed up for Mid-Atlantic yet, there is a link on this screen.




As you get used to the integration, you may notice that the integration prompts you for certain bits of information that are required on the deal.




Once you have all of the information needed to yield a successful prospect, you will be prompted to print the credit application. This step includes some helpful advice from Frazer and Mid-Atlantic Finance and is intended to help you stay compliant.



Click Continue. The next screen will give you your status with the deal as well as give you the option to allow Mid-Atlantic Finance to optimize the deal. From a compliance standpoint if you have already discussed pricing with the customer, then you should leave this box unchecked. If you have not discussed pricing with the customer, you may check this box so that Mid-Atlantic Finance can optimize the deal to help ensure it gets approved.


For our help manual entry, we will check the box.




Click “Submit Credit Application”.  You will receive a message when the application is submitted successfully.




Once you receive the “success” message, you can review offers by navigating to the “review offers” tab.




Mid-Atlantic will give you several choices based on different deal configurations. The most notable difference is the inclusion (or exclusion) of gap and/or a GPS/Starter Interrupt device.


You may review specifics by highlighting a deal and choosing “view offer details”. Click on the screenshot to learn more about the different sections.


Click here to jump to the next step.




Portal button: This button will link you to your Mid-Atlantic Finance portal.


Financing Contact: This is the person at Mid-Atlantic Finance that you are working with.
Terms: These are the specific deal numbers that will be pulled into Frazer. Note: Based on your selection of the “Optimize” function earlier and with the addition of new deal terms these numbers may vary from your original sale entry.


Stipulations: Based on which deal you’re reviewing, this will include whether you’re looking at a deal with Gap and/or GPS device.



Once you decide upon your desired deal, highlight the deal, and choose “select offer”.


You may receive a warning about deal numbers changing.


Click on “Confirm Selection”.


This will open a “Decision Callback”. Keep this sheet, as you will need it to secure financing later.


You will receive confirmation that the deal numbers have been updated to reflect the new deal. You can now complete or save the deal as you normally would and print paperwork.


The first time that you enter “Print Forms” after signing up for Mid-Atlantic Finance you will receive new forms, just for them. Frazer will automatically include these forms in a “Form Pack”.