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Post to Craigslist

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 Craigslist is an online advertising tool that allows dealers to post information

and photos for their inventory with a focus on a specific geographic area.   Because

of some unique characteristics of Craigslist, each vehicle and photo must be loaded

individually to an ad and bulk uploads are not available through Frazer.  


As of  December 3rd, 2013 Craigslist now charges a $5 fee for any ad posted by a


(click here for specific information)




Before starting to create your first Craigslist add with your frazer system, certain basic steps should

be taken to setup your Craigslist add.  

In order to do this you must first open the Craigslist setup screen. To find this screen you can:


a)Click on the Vehicles tab in Frazer.  

                       Click on the “8-Vehicle Uploads”

                                         Click on the “Setup and Review your upload options”

                           Select “Craigslist”




                        b) Click on the “Vehicle File” button

              Click the “Vehicle Uploads” button

              Click on the “Setup and Review your upload options”

              Select “Craigslist”




c)Click on the “Vehicle File” button

                             Select a specific vehicle

                                                     Click on the “Sales” tab

                                                     Click on the “Create Craigslist Ad” button

                                                     Click on the “Setup” button





However you choose to get here once you are, you can now setup your Craigslist ad.  First, make sure that there

is a check in the box for “ Create Craigslist Ads without Images”.  Prior to the summer of 2013 Frazer created

image based Craigslist ads that incorporated all of the photos for a vehicle as well as the description of the vehicle.  

At that time Craigslist changed their policy no longer allowing ads to be submitted in that format.  By checking that

box you change the style of ad Frazer creates.



Next add up to two phone numbers with descriptions, your website address, whether you would like to include the

expected down payment from the sales tab of the vehicle file and any language that you would like included if you

have not provided an internet price.



Once you have completed the setup you can begin creating the Craigslist add by closing the Craigslist setup window

and either opening the vehicle file and selecting a vehicle or if you accessed the set up screen via method c) above

simply closing the Craigslist setup window.  If you accessed the setup window through one of the other two

methods above, once you have opened the selected vehicle proceed to the sales tab and click on the “Create

Craigslist ad”  button.


Now you are ready.  Click on the “Create Craiglist Ad” button at the top of the screen.  You should now see the

year make and model, the price and programming for the the features shown in the “features” and the “sales/internet




At this point you can click on the “Curious as to how it will look?  Preview it Here”.  This will show you how the

ad will look what information will be included.  This is a good point to close the Craigslist ad an correct/add any

information that may be wrong or missing.  If the information in the posting title field needs to be changed correct

it in the appropriate fields on the general vehicle screen. The “Price” screen is populated from the internet price

field on the sales tab.  Any comments are loaded from either the features or the comments fields on the sales tab.





Once every thing is corrected you can then click on the “Go to” button.  This will open Craigslist and you

can either log in or access the posting area of the site as you normally would.  Once you get to the point where you would

add information by hand, jump back to your Frazer and click on the copy button next to the “Posting Title” this copies The

year make and Model to your computer's clipboard.  Now click back to the craigslist add and paste the information into

the Title field.  Repeat this for both the “ Price” and the “Posting Description” fields.  If you haven't logged into Craigslist

with an account you will need to include one in the space under the vehicle information area as well as the year make and

model of the posting. Then click continue on the Craigslist add.




This will take you to the photos area of the craigslist ad.  Here you are allowed to upload up to 24 photos associated with

your vehicle.  Click on the Choose files button then jump back to your frazer system and click on the “Show Photo List”  

This now shows the list of the addresses on your computer of the photos that you have attached to this vehicle in Frazer,

in the order that you have them arranged on your Frazer system.  Click on the “copy” button next to the first image and

then Go back to your craigslsit ad and paste the link into the bottom “File Name” field and then click open. This will add

that photo to your add.  



Continue until all the photos you wish to add are added. Once completed you can click on the done with images button.  

This will open a preview of the ad as you have created it you can here edit either the text or the images once you have

completed that you can click the “publish button” this will now send a confirmation email that will allow you to finalize

publishing your ad.



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