RouteOne - Prospect in Frazer Not Previously Submitted to RouteOne

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RouteOne - Prospect in Frazer Not Previously Submitted to RouteOne

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Prospect in Frazer Not Previously Submitted to RouteOne

Accessing RouteOne from an outside financing prospect not already submitted to RouteOne will automatically try to save the sale as a prospect in Frazer. If data is missing, the normal yellow popup messages will appear (such as "You MUST enter a Last Name before saving!").

If the prospect is saved correctly in Frazer, the user is then presented with one of two possible windows. If you have entered enough information to save the prospect in Frazer, but not enough to transmit to RouteOne, you will see a screen like the following:


4 R1NotEnoughInfo


This screen will list the fields missing that are generally required by apps sent to RouteOne. As it states, users should exit this screen, fill in the missing information, and try again. The "Send Credit Application" button remains disabled until all of the required, basic information is entered. Note: Much of this information is sort of "hidden away" in the Credit Application Information section of the Sales Processing window.

Clicking the RouteOne button after entering this information yields a different message, and the "Send Credit Application" button is now enabled:


5 R1ReadyToSubmit


As the message states, depending on the finance sources you are signed up with / choose to submit to, more information may be required before the deal can be submitted to lenders on RouteOne's end.

Clicking the button then immediately transmits the application, through the Frazer web service, to the RouteOne portal. If successful, this message appears:


6 R1SubmitSuccess

Clicking the "Go to RouteOne" button will open the default web browser to the RouteOne login page. After logging in, the newly submitted application will be available to manipulate and send to lenders:

7 R1Landing