How to Customize the Forms List

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How to Customize the Forms List

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The forms printing list can be customized in several ways.  Click on FormsPrintingButton, then click on the NewFormSetupButton button.  

The Master Forms File opens, revealing all the forms available in the program.



To edit forms and how they are used, double click on the selected form OR click on DefineFormUse.



To change where in the relative order of the list the form appears, enter the number in Relative order of form to appear in List. The list goes in numerical order, so leave some room between the numbers entered. For instance, enter the number of the first form to appear in the list as 10, then the next form as 20, etc. so that if future forms are added, they can be inserted anywhere in the relative order.

To hide a form, check the box to NEVER display this form and then FormSaveButton. The form will now be removed from the list of active forms.  Select the form from the Forms Setup screen and check the box to ALWAYS display this form to add the form back to the active forms list.

To print certain forms for certain sale types, uncheck either ALWAYS display this form or NEVER display this form and check the box next to the appropriate types of sales.  Going forward, for example, if the selected customer for printing is part of a buy-here pay-here sale, the only forms to appear in the Forms Printing list will be those selected to appear only for buy-here pay-here sales.

To print multiple copies of a white paper form, enter the number into Number of copies to print.  The maximum number of copies to print is 5.

Check the box next to Print this form when "Print all white paper forms" is selected on the main Forms Printing screen. If the box  is NOT checked, clicking the PrintAllWPForms button will not include the form in the batch printing and the form has to be selected individually to print.

To print forms under certain conditions, such as when certain lien holders, service contracts, insurance policies, and other fees exist or are selected, make sure the ALWAYS display this form and NEVER display this form boxes are unchecked and then check the applicable boxes.

After making any changes, be sure to click on FormSaveButton before exiting the screen.

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