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Print Forms

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Forms Printing


Selected Customer

By default, the Frazer program will auto-select the last customer you were working on. To select a different customer (or to print for a prospect), simply click "select customer" and choose the customer from the list. To print for the prospect file, select the radio button for "Prospects" in the bottom left of the "Select customer" screen.


Highlighted Forms

Any forms that appear highlighted in yellow will print when "Print All White Paper Forms" below is selected. Note: Once the button is selected all forms will print, there is no way to stop the process once it has started.



This button will print the highlighted form on the screen.


Print Blank PDF

Selecting this button will print a blank version of the form highlighted. Note: Only applicable for PDF forms.


Print Preview

Selecting this button will create a copy of the form (with customer information) that you can view onscreen (in a pdf reader) before printing.


Forms FAQ


What forms do I need?


How to Add Forms to the Frazer System


Forms Disclaimer


Sending a New Form Request


Sending a Forms Change Request


Recommended Printers


Printing Overview/Selection


Setting up the Okidata 320 Turbo


OKIDATA 320/321 Turbo Printer Settings


Printing forms on the Okidata Printer


How to Customize the Forms List


Payment Coupons


Buyers Guide


IRS Form 8300


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