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circle_yellow     Getting Started

System Options

Dealer Name and Customer Number

System Security and Passwords

Automatic Backups

Forms Printing

FAQ-About Frazer

FAQ-About the Program




      Vehicle File

General Vehicle Information

Vehicle Costs

Floor Planning

Sales Tab

Adding and Paying for Vehicles

Enter or Change Bills

The General Flow

Transfer to Quickbooks

      Enter Sales

Cash Sales

Buy Here Pay Here

Outside Financing


Look here for information relative to your specific state.

Entering Payments

Canceling Sales


Write Offs

Allow several computers to access Frazer simultaneously

How to add forms to Frazer

Recommended Printers

Setting up the Oki Data 320 Turbo

Customizing your Forms List


Audit Trail Reporting

Export Data


OFAC Reporting


Used Car Dealer Software by Frazer Computing, Inc.