Vehicle Cost

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Vehicle Cost

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Vehicle Cost - How did you Pay for This Vehicle?


If you paid for this vehicle with a check, and would like to enter this check number now,

you can select that this vehicle was paid with 1000 Cash in Bank, and enter the check here if that is information you would like to track.


Vehicle Cost 1


This method does not require you add the Vehicle Vendor, but that would be helpful if you are planning to track that later.


Vehicle Cost 6


Note: If you are planning to Floor Plan this vehicle later, this would be the best option for you.



If you would instead like to add a bill for the vehicle,  click here.


Vehicle Cost 5


Vehicle Cost 4


You can enter the check number for this now, or leave this bill open and access it later by clicking Accounting > Change or Review Open Bills.


Once the bill is entered, you can not Floor Plan this Vehicle later without deleting the bill.