V-1 Inventory

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V-1 Inventory

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The "Inventory Vehicles" screen is available by clicking on either "Vehicles > 1. Inventory" or by clicking on the "Inventory" button on the main screen within your Frazer Program. Click on a section of the screen shot below to learn more about each section.




Sort Tabs

Choose how you want the list sorted. Additionally, each column is sortable by clicking on the "title" at the top.


Search for specific values based on whichever tab you have selected.

Vehicle Uploads

Access to a list of vendors that Frazer can send inventory to.


Location Filter

Use location codes? You can use this box to see at-a-glance which vehicles have a location code.

Inventory List display toggle

Choose which set of data you would like to see. Options include: vehicles currently in inventory, vehicles that have been sold, and all vehicles ever entered regardless of status.

Vehicle Browse

Data displayed by default for quick reference.

Added Costs

A quick shortcut to access the added costs section of any particular vehicle.

Add Vehicle

A button that will bring up a blank inventory file, ready for new inventory.

Change Vehicle

Selecting a vehicle from the browse and clicking "Change" will bring up that vehicle's inventory file.



Only available for vehicles not showing as sold. Not recommended for use unless a vehicle was actually mistakenly entered.