Deleting a Vehicle

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Deleting a Vehicle

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General Information



Occasionally, you may need to delete a vehicle from your inventory.

How Do I Get There?


Click on the  Enter Vehicles button near the top of the screen, or by clicking on Vehicles at the top of the screen and selecting 1 - Vehicle File.

To delete a vehicle, you must first display the vehicles in your inventory by selecting the radio button to "Display Only Inventory Vehicles" near the top right of the window.  Once the screen is set to display vehicles in your inventory only, you should find a Delete button at the bottom of the window. Clicking this button will remove the selected vehicle from your inventory.


*** If you are trying to delete a vehicle that was added to inventory as a result of a Trade In or Write Off, you can not. You must delete and redo the Trade In or Write Off, making sure to "uncheck" the box adding the vehicle to inventory.






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