Ready to Sell date

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Ready to Sell date

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The Ready to Sell Date is found on the Sales tab of vehicles within Frazer.  This is the date at which the vehicle was actually on your lot and ready to sell (after delivery, reconditioning, and detailing).  




The Ready to Sell date can be used in place of your inventory’s purchase date to calculate the Days on Lot in your Inventory tab.  To select this feature, click the gear wheel at the bottom right of the Inventory window.




That will bring up the following window and allow you to check the box to use the Ready to Sell date to calculate the days on the lot.




Note that you will need to close the inventory window then re-open it for the change to populate.


The Ready to Sell date can also be used to restrict vehicles uploads. Enabling this option will cause Frazer to only upload inventory marked as ready to sell.  This option can be engaged by clicking on Vehicles → 8 - Vehicle Uploads and clicking the Settings box.




That will bring up the following window.  You can select to exclude vehicles that are not ready to sell.  Vehicles that are considered “not ready to sell” are those that have no Ready to Sell date or have a Ready to Sell date that is in the future.  It is important that you maintain the Ready to Sell date on your inventory if using this option, as vehicles will be excluded from uploads to websites if the field is not accurately populated.




There are a large number of reports that have an option to use the Ready to Sell Date in place of the Purchase Date.  These reports include:


R → 1 → 1 - Price List

R → 1 → 2 - Inventory Listings

R → 1 → 4 - Vehicle Tracking Report

R → 1 → 6 - Inventory Valuation and Status

R → 1 → 7 - Cars on Lot Evalution

R → 2 → 8 - Evaluate Vehicle Items by Profitability


M → 8 Export Data

Remember that if you run a report having selected to use the Ready to Sell date, that selection will be saved when the report is next run.  You will need to un-select it if you wish to revert to the Purchase Date.