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Sales Tab

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General Information



The Sales Tab is very helpful to capture pricing information on each vehicle.  This information is captured in the Price List for the vehicles in your inventory.  The following can be entered:

Retail Price

Internet Price - The internet price is often a calculated amount that totals the internet price plus your default document prep fees (Dealer Service Fee). Some states require by law that this price be shown in online advertising. The system option for inclusion of the document prep fee is located in Miscellaneous - System Options, Sales Options 1.

Wholesale Price

"Other" Price / Cost - You can enter a third suggested price in this field, or perhaps use it to enter a "code" for the cost of the vehicle.  This information can print on the Price List without a heading.  An example code might be entering 37, if your cost is $3,700.  When you see the 37 on the price list, you will know that the cost is actually $3,700.

Down Payment


Helpful Hints

The information on this tab is your desired price to be printed on your Price List and will not be changed when you sell the vehicle.  For example, if you enter a desired price of $6,995 and end up selling the vehicle for $6,300 then the $6,995 will stay on this tab to let you know what you were originally asking for the vehicle.

How Do I Get There?

Click on Enter Vehicle BUTTON.

Click on Add Vehicle BUTTON or select an existing vehicle from inventory.

Select Sales Tab.

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