Networking Frazer

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Networking Frazer

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Is Frazer an Internet program or a Desktop Application?


Frazer is a desktop application. As such, the program is installed on one main computer which acts as a server, and additional satellite computers (workstations) access the program via an existing network connection.



Can I access Frazer from my home computer or from another office?


If a dealer wishes to access Frazer from an outside location (home, auction, another lot, or another building), a third-party remote connection is necessary ( or are popular services).  Consult a local network technician regarding other possible options or for assistance choosing the best option.



Can Frazer be shared on multiple computers in my office?


Frazer does not install the physical network if one does not exist - call a local network technician or the internet service provider (ISP) to arrange for the installation of a network.  It is recommended that the network be hardwired rather than wireless. Although a wireless network may function with few issues, the connection is not steady and may be affected by many external factors.  


On the server, the folder in which Frazer is installed (usually Frazer30) needs to be shared on the network.


Windows 10 as a Server


Add a Workstation using Frazer Client