Add a Frazer Client

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Add a Frazer Client

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The following should only be run once you have already followed the steps to set up a server or main Frazer computer.


You need to ensure that the main computer is powered on and running and set to "never" go into sleep mode.


Shared computers should be in the same sub-net, and the same windows workgroup.


Domain users should contact their system administrator.


To load Frazer Client to use Frazer on a workstation computer Click Here




Click Browse to find your "network" Frazer30 folder. This is located on the Main computer you have Frazer installed on.


client setup


Click "Test Path" and you will see your Dealer Name and Customer ID number populate, meaning the connection to the main computer is good. Click "OK"


client setup 2



A button will appear on Frazer Client, that when selected will start loading the program. This will happen automatically whenever you launch Frazer Client.


client setup 3


Frazer Client will always compare and make sure the files are up to date, before opening the program.


client setup 4