Automatic Daily Backups

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Automatic Daily Backups

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Automatic backups are a convenient feature.  To set up or change the settings for the automatic backups, go to Backup in the main menu and click on AutoBuButton at the bottom of the screen.



Three Automatic Backup Options are available. Select the desired option and the best time of day for the backup to occur.





The server computer (the computer or server on which Frazer is installed) must be ON and all copies of Frazer must be closed for the automatic backup process to be successful.  If the process did not complete successfully, a message will appear stating that process was not successful. Be sure that the main computer does not go into a hibernation mode that may prevent completion of the backup. Also check any anti-virus or firewall software to be sure that the process is not being blocked. Third party programs that provide an automatic backup of a computer, such as Carbonite, may also interfere with the Frazer automatic backup process.  


The most recent 24 online backups are stored on Frazer's secure servers.  The local backups are saved on the local main computer's hard drive in the Frazer30 folder, in Backups, then Data. Each local backup is labeled with the date and time.


***Local Firewall Settings, and Proxies could prevent Frazer from accessing the internet, and affect certain aspects of the program. If you suspect this may be the case, have your local technician check your network and internet settings.



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