Back Up and Restore Photos

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Back Up and Restore Photos

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Photos are attached to vehicles though Vehicle File >> Change (on a selected vehicle)>> Sales Tab.  When the photos are added, they are saved locally to the Frazer30 (or destination) folder in the FrazerPhoto folder.  



Photos are not included in the automatic backup or the local backup.  To perform an online back up of photos attached in Frazer, go to Backup in the main menu.  If photos are available for backup, this button is displayed:





The photos will be backed up online to Frazer's servers for safekeeping.



To back up the photos locally, simply copy and paste the FrazerPhoto to the drive of the storage device.  To locate FrazerPhoto's host folder, right click the Frazer shortcut on the desktop and click on Open File Location. If that option does not exist, click on Properties, then Find Target.  The FrazerPhoto folder will be visible. Right click (or Ctrl + C) to copy  the folder, then right click (or Ctrl +V) to paste into the backup location specified (i.e. removable disk drive E:).  To compress the file into a smaller size, right click on FrazerPhoto and choose Send to then Compressed (zipped) folder. Copy and past the compressed file to the external storage device.



To restore photos backed up online, go to Backup in the main menu and click on the button to retrieve the photos. Example: RetrievePhotoBU.



To restore the photos from the local storage device, select the FrazerPhoto folder, copy it via right-click (or Ctrl + C) then right-click (or Ctrl +V) to paste it into the target folder for Frazer (usually the Frazer30 folder).



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