A-5 Transfer Data to Quickbooks

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A-5 Transfer Data to Quickbooks

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Frazer accounting data can be transferred to QuickBooks via an export file. The link between Frazer and QuickBooks is NOT live, i.e. changing data in Frazer does not automatically and instantaneously produce the same change in QuickBooks.

The following steps detail the initial setup, the linking of the Frazer Chart of Accounts to the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, and the actual transfer of the data.




Part I:  Initial Setup Steps

Part II:  Linking the Frazer General Ledger with the QuickBooks General Ledger

Part III:  Transferring the Frazer General Ledger Data to QuickBooks



Frazer IS compatible with QuickBooks Pro and Premier.


**Frazer is NOT compatible with Online or Simple Start versions because you cannot import data into those versions.**



*Please note:  Before beginning the setup, ALWAYS be sure to have a good backup of the QuickBooks data. *